1. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Dialog Systems, Association of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Summer School, Spain, July 2017
  2. Knowledge Acquisition from the Web & Social Media at IUI 2013 conference, Santa Monica, March 2013
  3. Web Knowledge Extraction and Applications at RANLP 2011 conference, September 2011

Invited Talks

  1. Natural Language Understanding for Conversational Assistants, Machine Learning Innovation Summit, June 2017
  2. What Do Users Want? Using Semantics to Predict User Intents at Scale, ReWork Machine Intelligence Summit, March 2017
  3. Creating Machines that Gain Knowledge like Humans, Bulgarian Academy of Science, October 2016
  4. What's in a Web Query? Understanding and Predicting User Intents, University of Massachusetts, Machine Learning Seminar, October 2015
  5. Multilingual Affect Polarity and Valence Prediction in Metaphors, 6th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment & Social Media Analysis WASSA, Lisbon, September 2015
  6. Multilingual Affect Polarity and Valence Prediction in Metaphors, Social Media and Web Analytics Innovation, San Francisco, April 2015
  7. Multilingual Sentiment Analysis of Metaphor-Rich Texts, Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York, May 2013
  8. Knowledge Extraction and Taxonomization from the Web, City University New York (CUNY), May 2013
  9. Learning and Inducing Lexical Taxonomies from Scratch, UCLA, Los Angeles, January 2013
  10. Learning Arguments, Supertypes and Selectional Restrictions of Semantic Relations, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, May 2011
  11. Graph-based Knowledge Acquisition from the Web, eBay, San Jose, February 2011
  12. Cause-Effect Relation Learning using the Web as a Corpus, ICT, Marina del Rey, February 2011
  13. Learning the Encyclopedia of the World using the Web, USC, Los Angeles, January 2011
  14. Semantic Class Learning with Hyponym Pattern Linkage Graphs, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria, January 2009
  15. The Role and Resolution of Textual Entailment in Natural Language Processing, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, May 2007
  16. Multilingual Named Entity Recognition. Joint Research Center of European Commission, Italy, September 2005